Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Strange Laws: Flame Retardant Pajamas

It's illegal to own pajamas that aren't flame resistant!
Owning flame resistant pajamas is not a luxury -- it's the law! According to the Consumer Products Safety Division (CPSC) of the United States Government, over 300 emergency room injuries every year are attributed to flammable clothing worn at night.

The Federal Government inspects clothing suppliers that manufacture pajamas in the US. They look at the properties of each article of clothing to ensure that it is appropriate for nighttime use. Clothing suppliers that manufacture pajamas over size 9 are required to apply flame retardant techniques to their clothing.

Flame resistant pajamas are manufactured with a material that is resistant to flames and treated with high-grade fire retardants. The fire retardants help to prevent injuries for individuals that are in contact with open flames.

If you have pajamas at home, there should be a tag on it that reads, "Flame Resistant". If not, it's probably illegal!

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